Screen Saver Postcards for your PC

Our screen saver Postcards are a unique blend of spectacular Alaskan wildlife photography, scenic vistas and life out on the last frontier. These computer screensavers are simple to install on your PC and give you complete control over several playback settings. They are packaged and sealed in sturdy cardboard sleeves and ready for quick, easy distribution. Fill out the address, add stamps and drop it in the U.S. mail. When it arrives, follow the simple instructions printed on the disc and install it on your hard drive. It's that simple!
The unique packaging allows for easy in-store display and features high quality, full color printing that catches the eye of customers and grabs their attention. It is a fantastic counter item for gift shops, Bed and Breakfasts or cruise ship boutiques. They display nicely in a card rack or can be used as a promotional item to include in marketing packages to show off the spectacular scenery and destinations Alaska has to offer.

This product fits easily in a purse, pocket, camera bag or fanny pack. The most important feature is that our discs have been designed with an address label on the back and a place for postage. Just write an address in the provided space, as you would a normal postcard, affix two U.S. postage stamps, and drop in any U.S. mail receptacle. It conforms to all postal requirements and makes a great gift to send to friends, relatives or co-workers.

All images were photographed in Alaska by Alaskan photographer Jeffrey Jemison. The discs are printed and manufactured in the U.S.A.







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