Our note cards, greeting cards and postcards are printed in full color on heavy card stock with a glossy finish. Cards are available in boxed sets of 8 with matching envelopes, or individually in plastic sleeves (suitable for card racks).

Note Cards (4 X 6), blank inside.

Nursing Harbor Seal Pup
I watched this seal pup being born and the immediate nose to nose sniffing that occurs right after birth. This bonding enables the pair to find each other in a crowd of seals, or when they become separated.

Item #NP2847


Easter Crab
This art card was inspired by a dream I had. I dyed several dozen Easter eggs and set out with my SCUBA gear to collect some king crab. I arranged the scene at the tide line and photographed as the sea washed over the eggs.

Item #EC8462


Red King Crab
This king crab was pulled from a crab pot on a beautiful sunny day. I coiled the line in the bottom of the skiff and had to stand in shallow water to get this shot as the wind kept rocking and blowing the boat around.

Item #KR2750


Postcards (4 X 6)

Aurora Over Amalga Harbor
One frigid November night I stayed up shooting until 4AM as a spectacular green and red aurora streaked the sky for over 3 hours.

Item #AA4918


Sea Lions Surface By Kayak
While kayaking with friends on a winter afternoon, a group of whales and sea lions were feeding on herring. A group of about 25 sea lions would surface in a tight group, then seconds later, a group of Humpback whales would surface right in the middle of the sea lions, pushing them off to either side. This cooperative feeding lasted until right before sunset when I snapped this shot.

Item #JK4201


All images were photographed in Alaska by photographer Jeffrey Jemison.
All cards are printed and packaged in Alaska.




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